ifrat.icon.2  Our Headquaters

Our Headquarters are located in London, United Kingdom. It is composed of an Executive Board and an Administrative Team promoting and coordinating our Action at international level.

Ifrat Organisation Chart

ifrat.icon.2 Our Executive Board

Ifrat Executive Board

The Board consists of ten persons who are IFRAT Members, including:

  • Our Honorary President appointed by the Executive Board.
  • Up to nine persons who are elected Members of IFRAT. The elections are held every two years at our annual general meeting which elects our Vice-President, our Chair, and seven directors among all its Members.

This body of elected and appointed IFRAT Members jointly oversees our activities and steers our Action at international level.


ifrat-icon Our Administrative Team

Ifrat Administrative Team

The Administrative team consists of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) whose maximizing the effectiveness of our Action by managing our Administrative Team and reporting its day-to-day activity to the Executive Board.

Our six Departments work in close relation with our CEO and directors sitting on the Executive Board. These Departments carry different duties:


The Membership Department is at your service.  Its main priorities are to ensure that all our Therapists, Inceptors and Affiliates enjoy their Membership benefits and all their rights are respected. It is also managing new Membership registration, facilitating payment of Annual Membership fees and keeping our Register up-to-date.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.

education.iconThe Education and Training Department is responsible for the Education and Training Programmes delivered by IFRAT. This department makes sure that qualifications gained by our Members and Subscribers are officially recognized in the Addiction field and Healthcare sector. This Department is also managing our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) online, controlling our Inceptors’ and Therapists’ Portfolio as well as giving PDP Credits and delivering IFRAT Certificates.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.


The Finance and Human Resources Department is making sure that our organisation meets the legal accounting requirements. It is also making up the work force of IFRAT in accordance with our needs. Our staff is mainly composed of experienced psychiatrists, researchers specialized in the addiction field, therapists and trainers who can be recovered addicts.

We want to create an inclusive and supportive work environment for all our staff and recovered addicts who aspire at becoming Recovered Addiction Therapists.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.

legal.icionThe Legal and Ethics Department is making sure that the set of Codes and Ethics established in our by-laws is respected. Depending on their Membership grades, IFRAT Members can be offered legal aid services from our Legal and Ethics Department.

This department is also responsible for our disciplinary policy: it appoints the fitness to Practice Panels or the Disciplinary Committees, if needed.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.

quality.iconThe Quality Control and Accreditation Department is responsible for maintaining Health and Safety, and quality standards for all our Subscribers, Members and patients receiving treatments from our Therapists. This Department also runs our Quality Improvement and Accreditation Programme (QIAP) with our International Divisions and Representative Offices Overseas accredited by the Department, to deliver better services and improve our Action.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.

international.iconThe International Relations and Public Affairs Department is promoting our Action, managing the marketing communication, events as well as our publications at International level. This Department is also responsible for developing partnerships, liaising with International Divisions and Representatives Offices Overseas.

You can contact our Membership Department on the following link.