Skills Enhancement Courses

Skills Enhancement Courses

ifrat-icon3 Our Skills Enhancement Courses

Our Education and Training Department wants to make sure that all our Therapists gain necessary skills to be able to provide the best addiction treatment to their patients. This Department proposes to our Inceptors and Therapists to extend their skill set through our Skills Enhancement Courses, in order to complete their main qualifications gained during our Courses (Modules).

Our Skills Enhancement Courses are designed and facilitated by trainers and lecturers specialized in various disciplines, to help our Inceptors and Therapists to gain generic and specific skills required when they practice addiction treatment.

Our Education and Training Department has identified the following key skills that any Therapist should have gained before being able to practice:


Applying for our Skills Enhancement Courses is part of your Personal Development Plan (PDP) check-list. You will receive PDP certificates of attendance and PDP credits each time that you attend our Skills Enhancement Courses.

Find out more information regarding the educational content, the trainers and lecturers, time and venue of our Skills Enhancement Courses by clicking on the links above; and if you are interested, you can apply for attending these Skills Enhancement Courses on your personal IFRAT account.