global-hands Revalidation of your membership

As part of their Continuous Professional Development at IFRAT,  our members have to revalidate their membership in the end of each Learning Cycle. One Learning Cycle corresponds to a period of five year.

Each Inceptor and Recovered Addiction Therapist have to gain at least 250 PDP credits in the end of each Learning Cycle (i.e. 50 PDP credits per year) to revalidate their yearly membership. The Education and Training Department is responsible for the revalidation of our members’ memberships. It can decide to appraise, upgrade, revalidate or invalidate your membership. This Department can also review your Portfolio online at any time, to make sure that you are an active IFRAT member.

To find out more information regarding the revalidation of your membership, you can read our CPD policy or contact our Education and Training Department.