Recovered Addiction Therapists

Recovered Addiction Therapists

 ifrat-icon3  How to become a Recovered Addiction Therapist

If you have had an addiction problem and you have been able to overcome this problem for at least a period of one year, you are currently an IFRAT Inceptor completing your Continuous Professional Development at IFRAT; you can become a Recovered Addiction Therapist certificated by IFRAT.

Recovered Addiction Therapist is the highest IFRAT Membership grade. This Membership grade is reserved for IFRAT Inceptors who are currently completing their Continuous Professional Development at IFRAT and gaining enough qualifications to be upgraded as Recovered Addiction Therapists.

To become an IFRAT Recovered Addiction Therapist:

1/ Create your personal IFRAT account (if you are not registered as an IFRAT Affiliate yet).

2/ Log in to your personal IFRAT account, click on “upgrade your Membership” and follow the on-screen instructions to become an IFRAT Inceptor.

3/ Start your Continous Professional Development as an IFRAT Inceptor and develop your skills with us.

4/ Once you have gained enough qualifications at IFRAT, Log in to your personal IFRAT account, click on “upgrade your Membership” and follow the on-screen instructions to become an IFRAT Recovered Addiction Therapist.

» Membership Benefits

Our Membership Department makes sure that all our Recovered Addiction Therapists benefit from series of rights and privileges, such as:

Continuing your professional development: IFRAT Therapists can access comprehensive advice and guidance to continue their professional development in the Addiction field and associated fields, whilst maintaining their well-being and recovery.

Achieving you career goal: IFRAT Therapists benefit from services that facilitate their access to work in the addiction field and associated fields. We make sure that therapy practiced by recovered addicts is recognized as a regulated profession all over the world. IFRAT Therapists can also access expert resources to stay one step ahead and develop their own business in addiction recovery services.

Enjoying better deals: IFRAT Therapists receive practical support that makes a real difference during their membership experience: discounts on travel insurance, access to priority passes and lounges in airports, credit cards, discounts on medical and health insurance or malpractice insurance.

Benefiting from free Counselling: IFRAT Therapists have the possibility to receive career advice and legal aid services from our Legal and Ethics Department, as well as protection from trade Unions.

Taking an active part in the decision-making of our organisation: our ambition is to commit all our Members in the decision-making process of IFRAT. Being and active IFRAT Therapist it is enjoying your right to attend, speak and vote at:

 » Annual Membership fees

The annual IFRAT Membership fee for IFRAT Recovered Addiction Therapists is  £20 for 2015. It is payable on 1 January each year. Subscription notifications are sent by e-mail to members in November. Your Membership fees help support our work in promoting Recovered Addiction Therapy globally and contribute to fund your Membership benefits.

New Recovered Addiction Therapists start paying their annual membership fee from 1 January following admission and should note that the admission to membership fee is a one-off payment which you will pay in addition to the annual membership fee.

Please note that your name may be removed from the IFRAT register if you do not pay your fees on time.

 » Payment method

Paying for your annual Membership fee is quick and easy. You can pay online via PayPal on your personal IFRAT account.

If you want to create your personal IFRAT account, it is quick and easy to set up on the following link. Follow the on-screen instructions and once registered as IFRAT Affiliate,  log in to your personal IFRAT account, click on “upgrade your Membership” and follow the procedure to become an IFRAT Recovered Addiction Therapist.

» Manage your Membership

IFRAT Therapists can manage their Membership which means that you can tailor the service you receive from us.

Update your contact details and Membership options: Tell us your preferences, update your contact details or pay your annual membership fee on your personal IFRAT account. From time to time, we like to contact our Members with information on new products and services, local and International IFRAT events or IFRAT news. By ensuring that your contact details and other preferences are up-to-date, you will never miss out on the advantages that we can offer to you.

Download your Certificates: all through your Continuous professional development at IFRAT, you will be issued IFRAT Certificates that recognize your learning outcomes and qualifications. You can download all your IFRAT Certificates in PDF at any time on your personal IFRAT account.

Re-Join IFRAT If your IFRAT Membership has expired, it is easy to re-join us by completing the online re-joining application form, or by contacting our Membership Department which will support you.