Your Portfolio Online

Your Portfolio Online

 ifrat-icon3 Your Portfolio online

A structured portfolio cataloging your CPD activity

Once you have created your PDP checklist on your personal IFRAT account, you will use a structured Portfolio cataloging your CPD Activity during your Learning Cycles. This Portfolio online will gather all your PDP certificates of attendance and PDP credits gained during your CPD Activity. It is also a quick and easy way to view your total number of PDP Credits at any time and track your progress.

In the end of each year, our Education and Training Department will review your Portfolio to make sure that you meet the minimum amount of PDP Credit required per year, according to your Membership Grade.

Claim your annual CPD activity

During your Continuous Professional Development at IFRAT, you are responsible for following-up your CPD Activity on your personal IFRAT account and viewing your Portfolio online regularly. In the end of each year, you will receive a notification reminding you to claim your annual CPD activity online.

Our Education and Training Department can appraise, upgrade (if you apply for being upgraded), invalidate or revalidate your yearly Membership. This Department can also review your Portfolio at any time, to make sure that you are an active IFRAT member. So, make sure that you meet the minimum amount of credit required when you claim your annual CPD activity!

Please note that failure to produce sufficient evidence to support claimed annual CPD activity will result in an annual statement being endorsed accordingly to our CPD policy for the year involved and you will subsequently be subject to audit annually for a defined period. Suspected falsification of evidence for claimed CPD Activity may result in referral to disciplinary procedure as defined in Article 7.22 and 7.23 of our by-laws.