Your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

Your Personal Development Plan (PDP)

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All our Inceptors or Therapists have to create their Personal Development Plan (PDP) via their personal IFRAT account. CPD online is designed to measure the time you spent on our educational activities and/or affiliated associations and societies. The quality and effectiveness of your activity will be reviewed by our Education and Training Department in the end each Learning Cycle.

A Learning Cycle corresponds to a period of five years and it is used by our Education and Training Department to appraise and revalidate your Membership.

Your PDP checklist

Plan in advance your Personal Development Plan (PDP) by creating a PDP checklist on your personal IFRAT account. Your PDP checklist should reflect your personal career goals and be relevant to your current and future professional profile. Your PDP checklist should include activities both within and outside IFRAT (e.g. by taking part in activities provided by our affiliated associations and societies), as well as making a balance between theory and practice, in order to widen your skill set as much as possible.

Your PDP certificates of attendance

During your learning experience at IFRAT, you will need to collect evidence to record your learning process, as self-assessment of educational activities will always require evidence. Your self-assessment will be materialized by your PDP certificates of attendance that you will be issued in the end of each IFRAT Course (modules), Skills Enhancement Course, Seminar and Conference that you will attend as part of your PDP. In the end of each Learning Cycle, you will use your PDP certificates as evidence of attendance to claim your Annual CPD Activity. Please note that our Education and Training Department can at any time require evidence of your activity.

Your PDP credits

During each Learning Cycle, you will gain PDP credits corresponding to your activity: One PDP credit equating to one hour of educational activity. The number of credits you gain during your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at IFRAT is unlimited, but the minimum average of PDP credits you must get depends on your Membership Grade:

  • If you are a Therapist: During each Learning Cycle, you will gain credits according to your activity. All the therapists must meet the minimum average of 50 PDP credits per year, giving a minimum total of 250 PDP credits per Learning Cycle.
  • If you are an Inceptor: First of all, you do not need to complete a full Learning Cycle before applying to become a Therapist; but the same rule applies: all Inceptors must meet the minimum average of 50 PDP credits during a year, to be eligible for taking the Therapists’ Certification. Your ability to take the Therapists’ Certification will be evaluated by our Education and Training Department in the end of each year, when you claim your Annual CPD Activity online. Once you applied for the Therapists’ Certification, you will be noticed by our Education and Training Department on the decision to validate your participation in the next session of the Therapists’ Certification.

In both cases, If you want to justify the PDP credits you consider as acquired during un-timed activities such as writing, reading and e-learning, you can contact the Education and Training Department.

Failure to produce sufficient evidence to support claimed PDP credits during the year will result in an adjournment of your application. Suspected falsification of evidences for claimed CPD activity and PDP credits during the year may result in disciplinary decisions, as defined in Article 7.22 of our by-laws.