National Respresentative offices Meetings

National Respresentative offices Meetings

ifrat.icon.2 National Representative Offices Meetings

Our National Representative Offices Meetings (NROM) take place in each of our Representative Offices Overseas and they are open to all its members (i.e. Inceptors and Recovered Addiction Therapists in that National Representative Office), advisors and IFRAT official representatives. They are usually held once a year by the President and the Chair elected by the members of each National Representative Office, and their main purpose is to elect the President every two years and take decisions on the internal functioning of that National Representative Office. During these local meetings, advisory resolutions to add to the Agenda of the next Annual General Meeting or Advisory Committee Meeting can also be voted.

You can have access to the last Notice of National Representative Office Meeting organised in your National Representative Office on the following link.

The election of your President

The election the President in your National Representative Office is very important: Once elected, your President is eligible to become one of the fifteen Representatives, representing your world region at the Advisory Committee. The presence of your President at the Advisory Committee would give more influence to your National Representative Office in the decision-making of IFRAT at international level.

Registration and Voting

IFRAT member will receive a Notice of National Representative Office Meeting at least 14 clear Days before its starting date. You will be asked to confirm your attendance to that NROM via your Personal IFRAT account. Once you are registered, you will receive your invitation to the Meeting in your National Representative Office with all the details (i.e. date, time and the general nature of your NROM).

Voting at your NROM usually happens by a show of hands unless a poll is demanded by the Chair or any voting member. If you are unable to attend your NROM but you want to take part in the decision-making of your National Representative Office, the decision to use other forms of voting such as proxy voting and electronic voting can be decided during one of your NROM.

The NROM Minute Books

Any Therapist, Inceptor or Affiliate registered at your National Representative Office can have access to your NROM Minute Book containing permanent and detailed record of the deliberations and resolutions adopted during each National Representative Office Meeting.

You can have access to the updated version of your NROM Minute Book via your personal IFRAT account.