Membership Grades

Membership Grades

Ifrat Membership

ifrat-icon Membership grades

There are three different ways to join IFRAT which also reflect the pathway to become a qualified Recovered Addiction Therapist. Any person can subscribe as an Affiliate or Inceptor and soon become a Member certificated as a Recovered Addiction Therapist.

Find out more information about our three membership grades below. If you are unsure which membership grade is appropriate for you, please contact our Membership Department to help you choose.

IFRAT Recovered Addiction Therapists (£20)
If you have had an addiction problem and you have been able to overcome this problem for at least a period of one year… More Details
IFRAT Inceptors (£15)
If you have had and addiction problem and you have recovered from your addiction for at least three months… More Details
If you are interested in discovering our services and learn about addiction, you can join us as an IFRAT Affiliate. More Details