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Most of the material on our website is available to everyone. However we do have dedicated areas tailored for each of our Membership grade: Recovered Addcition Therapists, Inceptors and Affiliates.

Full Members (our Recovered Addiction Therapist and Inceptors) benefit of full access to IFRAT resources, whereas Affliates have limited access to our resources.

This requires a one off registration process and is password protected.

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Certain sections of this website require you to log on to access the content. If you don’t have your personal IFRAT account, you can create a login for yourself by registering as as Affiliate (FREE OF CHARGE) or as Inceptor (£15).

– Receive our NewsletterVVV
– Connect with other Members (unlimited access to our Blogs and Chat)VVV
– If you suffer from any addiction, find support among our TherapistsVVV
– Have unlimited access to our e-learningXVV
– Sign up for our Modules, Skills Enhancement Courses, Seminars and ConferencesXVV
– Use our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) onlineXVV
– Sign up for our Meetings and take part in our decision making processXVV
– Join our Quality Improvement Network and make a difference within our CommunityXVV
– Become a certified Recovered addiction TherapistXXV

» Overcoming Addictions together: Support to all our Members!

If you suffer from any kind of addiction, you can register as an Affiliate (free of charge), get informed about risks of addiction, find support and receive Addiction treatment from our Therapists in order to overcome your problem. We train our Recovered addiction Therapists to treat any kind of addiction problem: Drug and alcohol abuse, Food Addiction, Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Addiction, Video-games and Internet Addiction, Sex Addiction and Cybersex use, gambling, shopping, exercise, etc.

Our Recovered Addiction therapists can help you: They have been through different addiction problems, they have been able to overcome these problems and they gained the necessary qualifications during their Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at IFRAT to treat your addiction problem.

Once you have recovered from your addiction problem, you will find support to maintain your well-being and prevent you from a possible relapse. You will also have the opportunity to get informed about Addictions, Models of Therapy and Ethics of Care through our e-learning programme and our different Medias.

Find out more about IFRAT Members Support on the following link.

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