ifrat.icon.2  Annual General Meetings

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is open to all our Inceptors, Recovered Addiction Therapists, official Representatives and elected Board Members. For convenience sake, the AGM is usually organised at the same place and the same time as our Annual International Conferences. Its main purpose is to elect our Board members every two years and inform our members of previous and future activities. It is also an opportunity for our members to meet our Directors, ask questions and vote on resolutions.

You can have access to the last motice of Annual General Meeting on the following link.

» Registration and Voting

All IFRAT members will receive a notice of Annual General Meeting at least 14 clear Days before our next AGM. You will be asked to confirm your attendance to that AGM via your Personal IFRAT account. Once you are registered, you will receive your invitation to the Annual General Meeting with all the details (i.e. venue, date, time and the general nature of the AGM, including text of special resolution put at the Agenda, if any).

Voting at the AGM usually happens by a show of hands unless a poll is demanded by the Chair or any voting member. If you are unable to attend the Annual General Meeting but you want to take part in the decision-making of IFRAT, you cast your vote by:

  • Proxy Voting: You can appoint one of your fellow IFRAT member to exercise your right to attend, speak, vote and demand a poll at our AGM, via your personal IFRAT account. The name of your proxy must be clearly indicated in your registration form; then that IFRAT member will receive a notification in which he/she will be asked to accept your proxy voting request.
  • Electronic Voting: You can also choose to cast your vote electronically via your personal IFRAT account at least 1 Day before the starting date of that AGM. Please note that this option is only available for voting on special resolutions put at the Agenda.


» Practical arrangements

We promotes diversity and strives for promoting its action across the continents. This is the reason why the venue of our AGMs will change from one year to another, reflecting the locations of our Annual International Conferences that promote our action around the world.

As an IFRAT member, travelling can be an exciting experience as well as a good opportunity to expand your professional network; but this may also include constraints such as finding time to plan your trip, travel costs, accommodation, etc. As part of your Membership privileges, our Membership Department is at you service to plan your journey and staying at the venue of the AGM: discounts on travel insurance, best fares on flight tickets and hotels, access to priority passes and lounges in airports, etc. will be offered to prepare your participation in our AGM in the best conditions.

Detailed practical arrangements will always be available on this page, before the starting date of the next AGM.

» Joining the Organising Committee

We promote active participation of our members in any aspects of the development of our organisation. Any help for organising our AGMs is more than welcome, this is the reason why our members can join the Organising Committee to swell the ranks of our organisation, and work as a team with our International Relations and Public Affairs Department to promote our Action.

Once you are registered as a member, you can apply online via your personal IFRAT account to join our Organising Committee. This will be considered as Volunteer time from which you can get some benefits:

  • Socializing;
  • Developing your team work abilities;
  • Learning how to run an International Conference;
  • Developing your skills in Communication and Marketing.

Volunteering at the Organising Committee can also be a good solution to the difficulties you may have to finance your participation in our AGM: volunteering  also includes practical advantages such as transportation and/or accommodation costs covered by IFRAT.

Please note that a limited amount of volunteers will be selected to form the Organising Committee.

 » The AGM Minute Book

Any Therapist, Inceptor or Affiliate can have access to the AGM Minute Book containing permanent and detailed record of the deliberations and resolutions adopted during each Annual General Meeting.

 You can have access to the updated version of the AGM Minute Book via your personal IFRAT account.