ifrat-icon3  How to become an IFRAT Inceptor

Anyone can become an IFRAT Inceptor. For only £15 per year, you will be able to take part in our Continuous Professional Development Programme and soon become a Recovered Addiction Therapist.

» Inceptors’ benefits

Becoming an IFRAT Inceptor  includes series of benefits:

Preparing your professional development: IFRAT Inceptors can access to career advice, training and our CPD online to prepare their admission as a Recovered Addiction Therapist in the best conditions, whilst maintaining their well-being and recovery.

Developing your network: IFRAT Inceptors have the opportunity to join the closest National Representative Office and develop their network among Recovered Addiction Therapists, members of associations and researchers specialized in the addiction field and associated fields. IFRAT Inceptors are also regularly invited to local and international IFRAT events.

Getting informed: IFRAT Inceptors also receive the Inceptors’ handbook which includes career advice in the addiction field and associated fields, details about IFRAT Certifications and Academic Degrees in Addiction Studies. They also have free access to research work and publications written by academics and IFRAT members, as well as free subscription to our journal ‘JIFRAT’.

» Join us as an IFRAT Inceptor here

To  join us as an IFRAT Inceptor, you can click on the sign up link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

Inceptor Membership
£15 billed each year
Upgrade anytime
Prepare your professional development
Developing your network
Stay Informed
All area access
Have your say


» Annual Membership fees

The annual Membership fee for IFRAT Inceptors is  £15 for 2015. It is payable on 1 January each year. Subscription notifications are sent by e-mail to members in November. Your annual Membership fees help support our work in promoting Recovered Addiction Therapy globally and contribute to fund your Membership benefits.

New Inceptors start paying their annual membership fee from 1 January following admission and should note that the admission to membership fee is a one-off payment which you will pay in addition to the annual membership fee.

Paying for your annual Membership fee is quick and easy. In the end of each calendar year, you can pay online via PayPal on your personal IFRAT account.

Please note that your name may be removed from the IFRAT register if you do not pay your fees on time.

» Manage your Membership

Upgrade your Subscription: IFRAT Inceptors can apply to be upgraded as Recovered Addiction Therapists if they have acquired the sufficient skills or experience. Please note that if you want to be upgraded as a Recovered Addiction Therapist, you must meet the requirements for that chosen membership grade.

Update your contact details and Subscription options: Tell us your preferences, update your contact details or pay your annual membership fee on your personal IFRAT account. From time to time, we like to contact our members with information on new products and services, local and International IFRAT events or IFRAT news. By ensuring that your contact details and other preferences are up-to-date, you will never miss out on the advantages that we can offer to you.

Download your Certificates: all through your Continuous Professional Development (CPD) at IFRAT, you will be issued IFRAT Certificates that recognize your learning outcomes and qualifications. You can download all your IFRAT Certificates in PDF version at any time on your personal IFRAT account.

Re-Join IFRAT: If your IFRAT membership has expired, it is easy to re-join us by completing the online re-joining application form or contacting our Membership Department which will support you.