A word from our Honorary President

A word from our Honorary President

ifrat.icon.2 Sultan Alotaibi

Chair of the Arshedny Centre, Doha (Qatar) and new Honorary President of IFRAT

Sultan Alotaibi

Sultan Alotaibi

Sultan Alotaibi has been named Honorary President of IFRAT, during our Board Meeting in London, on 2nd of December, 2014.

The International Federation of Recovered Addiction Therapists and the IFRAT board are proud to announce Sultan Alotaibi as our Honorary President.

Sultan Alotaibi is the Director of Arshedny Centre at the Foundation of Sheikh Eid bin Mohammed Al Thani Charity (Doha, Qatar).

He has Bachelor degree in Psychology; Diploma psychological counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy; Diploma in Guided Treatment and Counselling in Addictions; Diploma in Social Counselling; Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Diploma in Solution Focused Therapy, and a Diploma in Drug Addiction and Alcohol from the Hazelden-Betty-Ford Foundation. He is completing a Master’s degree in Counselling and Cognitive Behaviour Treatment at East Carolina University.

Sultan Alotaibi is an Addiction Therapist and a Clinician. He is a Certified Practitioner in Addiction Therapy and mentor in Behavioural and Addictive disorders. He is the General Supervisor of “New Life” rehabilitation program for ex-offenders in Qatar; Adviser to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on AIDS and Drugs;  and member of the  International Advisory Committee for the establishment of addiction Services  in Qatar.

Sultan Alotaibi has interest in academics, teaching and training. He is certified instructor in the Arab League Academy of the Open University of North America and a Member of the Arab Open University. He has more than fifteen publications. His most recent book is Unforgettable days, which will be published in three languages.

In keeping with his work at Arshedny Centre, part of Sultan Alotaibi’s new challenge as an Honorary President is to contribute to the development of IFRAT internationally.

Named on December 2, 2014 by the Board, to join the IFRAT’s Board Sultan Alotaibi declared:

“I am very happy to become the Honorary President of IFRAT today. This new role is important for me and I will be very involved with my fellow Board members to discuss problems and challenges faced by people suffering from addictions. I also hope to do what I can to contribute to the promotion of IFRAT in Gulf and all over the world. Finally, in my new role as an Honorary President, I hope to participate in the international development – and recognition – of Recovered Addiction Therapy as a profession.”