CDP Policy

CDP Policy

ifrat-icon3  Our CPD policy

We use CPD online as a tool to enable our Inceptors and Therapists from every National Representative Office that represents IFRAT around the world, to report regularly via their personal IFRAT account how they achieve their Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We also use CPD online to improve your learning experience at IFRAT, as we always strive to improve our educational activities in the Addiction field and associated fields.

The importance of CPD

CPD online is a self-assessment, self-directed, life-long learning process to support all our Inceptors and Therapists to achieve their career goal. It enables all our Recovered Addiction Therapists to expand their skill set as well as maintain and improve their standards across all areas of their practice. CPD should also encourage and support specific changes in practice and career development. These activities are closely associated with enhancing the quality of care provided by our Therapists to their patients.

Ultimately, CPD online is the tool which:

  • Assesses in a very formal and accurate way the Inceptors’ and Therapists’ skills acquired during their learning experience at the IFRAT
  • Strengthens the recognition of Recovering Addicts as treatment professionals
  • Legitimizes Recovered Addiction Therapy as a regulated profession at international level

CPD online is only accessible for Inceptors and Therapists who can create their Personal Development Plan (PDP) via their personal IFRAT account, and manage their own learning experience and career development at IFRAT.

The regulation of CPD

Terms and conditions of use of the CPD online can be regulated by the Education and Training Department from time to time. If you have any question regarding our CPD policy and its regulation, you can contact the Education and Training Department.