No.19, the story of a drug addict

Genre: Autobiography
Author: Dr. Ihab Salah El Din
Published: 2010
Language: Arabic
Format: PDF
Number of pages: 140

No.19 - Cover

No.19, as the number of times that Ihab Salah El Din has been admitted to the hospital to treat his addiction problem. This book is the autoportrait of an addict that the reader can follow the evolution from his childhood and his early first drug experience, his doubts, his hopes and fears, his depression, his pugnacity and his multiple attempts to overcome his drug addiction, to the difficult road to recovery.
No.19 is another proof that anyone can fall in the trap of drugs and it is a dreadful account of the physical, psychological and social effects of drug abuse. This is a remarkable description of a man who found the pathway to recovery and is now helping those who suffer from this illness. The story of Dr. Ihab Salah El Din is word of hope for all those who suffer from drug abuse, and a good example of a man who got back into life.

You can have free access to No.19 in original version on the following link: No.19