Board Meetings

Board Meetings

ifrat.icon.2 Board Meetings

The Executive Board is the highest stage of the decision-making process of IFRAT. Our Board Meetings are held whenever its members see fit to manage the business of IFRAT. You can have access to the last information regarding the decision made by our Executive Board via your personal IFRAT account and our different social media sites.

» Members of the Board

You can have access to the Composition of the Executive Board on the following link.

The Board can also appoint or remove one or several Representatives of the Advisory Committee or any other Officer that is needed. Any of them will be appointed from among the members of the Board for such term as the Board sees fit.

Any appointment of Representatives is recorded in the BM Minute Book.

» The Minute Book

Any Therapist, Inceptor or Affiliate can have access to the Minute Book containing permanent and detailed record of the deliberations and resolutions adopted during each Board Meeting.

You can have access to the updated version of the BM Minute Book via your personal IFRAT account.