Awards and prizes

Awards and prizes

ifrat-icon3 Awards and prizes

Every year at our Annual Conference, we give awards and prizes in recognition of our Members’ efforts, dedication to learn and continue their professional development at IFRAT. Desire to excel is a strengths that we want to encourage among our Recovered Addiction Therapists and Inceptors, as we always strive for the quality improvement of our action.


The Recovered Addiction Therapist of the Year

The Recovered Addiction Therapist of the Year is the most important IFRAT award. It is awarded by an International jury composed of IFRAT Members to a Recovered Addiction Therapist who has made a major contribution in Addiction Treatment services and/or Research work in the addiction field or associated field.

The Recovered Addiction Therapist of the Year consists of a diploma, a medal and other honorific advantages. The award winner will receive it during the IFRAT Annual Conference gathering all our Members every year, and he/she will be expected to deliver a lecture at the next IFRAT Annual Conference.

The Inceptor of the Year

The Inceptor of the Year is dedicated to our second Membership grade. It awards the best Inceptor for his/her commitment our in organisation, the quality of his/her Personal Development Plan (PDP) and total amount of PDP Credits he/she has gained during the year.

The Inceptor of the Year consists of a diploma, a medal and other honorific advantages. The winner will be awarded alongside our best Recovered Addiction Therapist, at our Annual Conference. The Inceptor of the Year is eligible for the next Recovered Addiction Therapist of the Year if he/she a Recovered Addiction Therapists before the beginning of the next calendar year.

IFRAT International Divisions Prizes 

Prizes are given to Recovered Addiction Therapists and Inceptors of each world region: Our fifteen International Divisions. For each Prize delivered within an International Division, the jury will be composed of Members of that International Division.

The ceremony will also take place at our Annual Conference, alongside the IFRAT Awards.

Winners per world region:

  • Recovered Addiction Therapists of the Year
  • Inceptors of the Year

global-handsSetting up a new prize

We promote active participation of our Members in any aspects of the development of our organisation. We like to listen to our Members’ new ideas, including regarding the development of new Prizes.

To create a new prize, your proposal should be sent to the Board, c/o the Membership Department at IFRAT, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden,  London WC2H 9JQ.

The proposal should include:

  • a full description of the prize
  • the target audience
  • how often the prize will be awarded
  • justification for the establishment of such a prize
  • who would be eligible
  • whether the proposal is for an Award or a Prize, for the overall organisation or a specific International Division(s)
  • who would examine entries for the prize
  • a suggested closing date


  • A preliminary budget will need to be prepared. This should be done in collaboration with the Membership Department (who will consult the Finance and Human Resources) – it may be necessary to include administrative charges.
  • This will then be scrutinised by the Treasurer via the Finance and Human Resources and, if necessary, by the Board.
  • The final proposal is sent for consideration to the Education and Training Department, whose remit is to ensure that the objectives of the prize meet our educational priorities and that it is appropriately named.
  • If the Education and Training Department approves the prize, full details will be included in this section of the IFRAT website.
  • If the prize is established by Members of a Representative Office Overseas, the creation of the Prize will need to be approved by the International Division concerned and reported to the Headquarters for information.