ifrat-icon3 How to become an IFRAT Affiliate

If you are interested in discovering our services and learn about addiction, you can join us as an Affiliate: You can subscribe free of charge on our website to find support and keep up-to-date.

Register for your Free personal IFRAT account and follow the on-screen instructions to become an IFRAT Affiliate.

» Benefits of Affiliation

Getting informed: IFRAT Affiliates have the opportunity to learn about addictions and find further information about career opportunities in the Addiction field.

Finding support: If you suffer from any kind of addiction and you are registered as an Affiliate, you can find support among our Therapists in order to overcome your addiction problem. Once you have recovered from your addiction problem, you will find support to maintain your well-being and prevent you from a possible relapse.

Keeping up-to-date: Our Affiliates receive our latest information through our different social media sites, unlimited access to our blog and chat, including free subscription to our journal ‘JIFRAT’.

» Join us as an IFRAT Affiliate here

To  join us free of charge as an IFRAT Affiliate, you can click on the sign up link below and follow the on-screen instructions.

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» Manage your Subscription

Upgrade your membership: IFRAT Affiliates can apply to be upgraded as Inceptors on their personal IFRAT account. Please note that if you want to be upgraded as an Inceptor, you must meet the requirements for that chosen membership grade: having recovered from your addiction problem (if any) for at least three months and paying the membership fee (£15).

Update your contact details and Subscription options: Tell us your preferences and update your contact details via your personal IFRAT account. From time to time, we would like to contact our members with information on new products and services, local and International IFRAT events or IFRAT news. By ensuring that your contact details and other preferences are up-to-date, you will never miss out on the advantages that we can offer to you.

Re-Join IFRAT: If you have forgotten your login details, it is easy to re-join us by completing the online re-joining application form, or contact the Membership Department which will support you.