Affiliated Associations and Societies

Affiliated Associations and Societies

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Arshedny Center, Qatar

Eid CharityArshedny Centre is a non-profit organisation run by the Eid Bin Muhammad Al-Thani Charitable Association. It is an Islamic charitable organisation, created in 1995 in Qatar. The organisation manages and invests the endowment of Sheikh Eid Bin Muhammad Al-Thani and other funds for the benefit of people in need of the region.

Arshedny Centre is providing scientific programmes in counselling, rehabilitation, training and prevention of drug abuse.  The center works to establish effective partnerships with local, regional and global institutions and organisations competent in addressing the problems of addiction, in accordance with international best practices and global standards.

Arshedny centre is also our first Representative Office Overseas and International Division covering the Gulf region.

Eid Bin Muhammad Al-Thani Charitable Association

Website: http://www.eidcharity.net/

Tel: +974 – 44830461 – Fax: +974 – 44830391

E-mail: info@arshedny.com

 Hope International, Egypt

Hope Charity CentreHope for recovery and addiction treatment centres are centres and homes dedicated to psychological and behavioral rehabilitation. It is a therapeutic community helping drug users and their families to cope with addiction in all its aspects.

Hope is working with individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, grief and mental issues. Treatment programmes are delivered in supportive and healthy environment for its clients to take appropriate behaviors and restore relationships that lead to positive change, abstinence and recovery.

Hope is also our first Representative Office Overseas and International Division covering the Middle East. Our elected representatives in this world region are: Ahmed Khaled (Egypt), Fouad Abou-Regila (Egypt) and Ihab Salah Eldin (Egypt).

Hope International

Website: http://hopeeg.com

Tel: + 44 –  01008 968989 ( 002 )

E-mail: info@hopeeg.com