Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee

ifrat.icon.2 Advisory Committee Meetings

Our Advisory Committee Meetings (ACM) are usually held every year by our fifteen elected Representatives assigned by the Board to focus on particular tasks or areas of IFRAT. Each Representative is an elected President of a National Representative Office who has also been elected in his International Division to represent his/her world region at the Advisory Committee.

Its main purpose is the make recommendations for decisions by adding advisory resolutions to the Agenda of the Board Meeting.

You can have access to the last information regarding the Advisory Committee Meeting via your personal IFRAT account and our different social media sites.

» Groups of IFRAT members

Even if most of the advisory resolutions are decided and voted by the fifteen members of the Advisory Committee, IFRAT promotes democracy and active participation of all its Members at all stages of the decision-making.

As an IFRAT member, you can propose advisory resolutions to the Board if you create a Group of IFRAT members. Acting together, you have the right to require the member of the Advisory Committee Representing your world region to add your new resolution to the agenda as defined in in Article 6.2.3 or our by-laws.

You can find further information on how to create a Group of IFRAT members in your National Representative Office or by contacting the Membership Department.

»  The ACM Minute Book

Any Therapist, Inceptor or Affiliate can have access to the ACM Minute Book containing permanent and detailed record of the deliberations and resolutions adopted during each Advisory Committee Meeting.

You can have access to the updated version of the ACM Minute Book via your personal IFRAT account.